Run 30 - Horfield Common - March 2020

Run 30 - Horfield Common - March 2020

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Run 30

Our beginners programme has been designed by experienced, qualified UK Athletics coach and This Mum Runs Founder, Mel Bound. It has been tailor made for beginners as well as women who haven't run for a while and want a helping hand getting started again. We take you from running for a minute at a time, to running non stop for 30 minutes in just 8 weeks. Progress is gentle, you won't even realise you;re doing it until you've done it.

While there are many other beginner programmes out there; we have worked hard to develop the most effective programme for beginners, coaching over 1500 women in the past 12 months.

We focus on time not distance - we've found its much more motivating.We are truly inclusive and welcome ALL abilities, sizes, shapes and abilities. Our groups are supportive, encouraging and NO-ONE gets left behind - ever!

Our Run30 programme includes:

  • Bespoke 8 week training programme based on 3 sessions per week
  • 1 coached session per week with a qualified This Mum Runs Run Maker
  • 2 homework sessions to do with the rest of your group or on your own
  • Information and guidance on injury prevention, stretching and essential kit
  • Ongoing support and encouragement through the brilliant This Mum Runs Facebook community (priceless!)

Our programme really works! And don't just take our word for it:

"Thank you to our most fantastic, inspiring and supportive Run Makers - we can't thank you both enough for helping us to become runners!"

"Yay, we did it! I'm so proud of myself and all my mummy running buddies"

"Tonight I went running for 4.2k because I can. It felt fantastic and I didn't want to stop. Thanks to my fab Run Makers. I think I'm a runner now!"

"It sounds a bit dramatic to say that the course has been life changing for me but it really has. I’m fitter, I’m happier, I’m more confident, I’ve got 14 new friends. I feel like a runner and I never, ever thought I’d say that. Ever!"

"Before this course I can honestly say I had never enjoyed running. Now I love it. I look forward to going for a run. Over the duration of the course, I’ve developed an exercise habit without even realising it"


Meet at Horfield Common, Bristol. BS6 7XW

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Thursday - 1st session 5th March 2020

Courses are 1 hour each week, for 8 weeks, with each session held on the same day of the week, at the same time as the first session.