If Trump Can / Marathon - Running Vest

If Trump Can / Marathon - Running Vest

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'If Trump Can'

As a community,

- We choose inclusion
- We choose equality
- We choose togetherness.

Hands up if you’re with us!

The If Trump Can range of tees and vests that we launched last year as a limited edition aimed to tell this story. They send a message of empowerment, that “we can quite literally do anything” to every woman and girl in the world.

Flattering women’s technical running vest in French navy with stacked If Trump Can Run a Country, I Can Run a Marathon design.

The Racer Back style is available up to size 14 and Tank Top style for all larger sizes. It is made from 100% polyester.

The technical bit:

  • Textured quick drying fabric
  • UPF30+ UPV Protection
  • WRAP Certified
  • Machine Wash


5 stars

5 stars