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Finding Some Headspace

This Mum Runs is a small business with a big goal; empowering Mums everywhere to be healthier and happier. 

A big part of our mission involves encouraging women to make more time for themselves (and no we don't mean a trip to Aldi) for the sake of their mental as well as their physical health. We talk about Headspace. A lot. 

So it would seem crazy for us not to practice what we preach, right? 

The summer holidays are our quietest time of year. And behind the scenes there is work in progress to make some important changes to our store. 

So it seems the perfect time for our little team to take a break, switch off the tech and spend time with our families. For some Headspace of our own.

Which is exactly what we will be doing from the 7th - 24th August. 

You can still place orders during that time and they will be shipped (with extra sparkly post holiday love) on our return.

As a little holiday treat we'll even give you a 15% saving on all purchases (excluding courses) by midnight on August 31st - just use the code HOLIDAYSRULE at the checkout.

You can still return things you want to change in the normal way, and we'll process them when we return. 

We plan to return rested, reinvigorated and bursting with ideas for our busy Autumn months.

See you on the other side folks!