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How we're supporting Parenting Mental Health this Black Friday

Imagine if Black Friday wasn’t about big discounts. What if instead, it was about supporting those who need it most...

This Black Friday, as we focus our efforts on supporting mental health and resilience, we are proud to share that we will also be supporting a new charity partner, Parenting Mental Health. Over the course of Black Friday weekend (26th - 29th November), 10% of any sales through the TMR store will be donated to support their crucial work to end generational mental illness, enabling parents to support their children to strong, resilient and positive mental health.

“1 in 6 children of school age have mental health issues.”

The issue of poor mental health in children and young people is growing rapidly, and the scale of the problem is staggering. 1 in 6 children of school age have mental health issues - that's 1.95m children in the UK alone - and in the past year there has been a 33% increase in Child Adolescent Mental Health Services referrals, showing what a huge impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the mental health or our children. PMH offers a range of support including a 24/7 peer support community, emotional support through Listening Circles and courses to help train and upskill parents with the tools they need to support and advocate for their child. We also run a range of programs to support parents' wellbeing and reduce isolation and stigma to help parents take care of themselves, so they can take care of their children. 

Parenting a child with mental health issues is different to usual parenting. Reframing parents as part of the solution is essential if we're going to deal with the growing issue of poor adolescent mental health. Parenting Mental Health is a charity and community that supports over 23,000 parents of children and young people with mental health problems.

And they need our support now more than ever. 

We’d love for you to support our anti-Black Friday campaign and help end generational mental illness.

To find out more about Parenting Mental Health, visit their Facebook page here:

 If you are a parent in need of support you can join the Parenting Mental Health support group here:

If you’d like to take part in one of their Parenting courses or Listening Groups, you can contact them at: