Introducing Dare 2b, the first extension to the TMR retail range; chosen by us because it is bold, straight talking and forward thinking (sound familiar?). Our team have taken the time to handpick this stylish and fuss free core range that has been given a big (and honest) thumbs up by our tester panel of Mums.


Winter Adventures

School Drop - Run - Coffee Shop

Dare 2B Seen

"Waistband stayed put -leggings didn't slip down AT ALL ( which is unheard of for me). Held tummy in in a good way! I really liked these leggings-the design , fit, and performance were excellent .I felt really good wearing them and would definitely recommend to a friend."

Catherine Cannell (TMR Mum Panel) - Articulate Leggings Shop Now

"This is a really good jacket which does what it says. It's both wind and water resistant. And whilst it might not be up to winter blasts, it does exactly what it says it will. I tested it in a heavy, seaside downpour and it coped brilliantly. I didn't feel overheated wearing it on my three mile, hilly run (on which I got quite sweaty!)"
‘Would I recommend? I would. It's a good-looking, very lightweight, comfortable running jacket ideal for spring, autumn and summer downpours. I will be using it whenever I'm on a soggy, breezy run!’

Jane Galloway (TMR Mum Panel) - Blighted Windshell Jacket Shop Now