Shock Absorbers

The most frequent question our Run Angels get asked is which running bra they recommend... so here’s your answer, mamas!

Above all else, when you run with TMR, we want you to feel supported. In every. Single. Way.

That’s why we’ve joined forces with Shock Absorber to offer their Ultimate Run Bra in an incredible 40 sizes, and to bring you heaps of useful information about how to fit and measure yourself for a bra that will enhance your running experience.

Awarded Best Women’s Sports Bra at the 2019 Running Awards, this bra is an example of the constant research and innovation that goes into everything that Shock Absorber do.

Whether you’re sporting a petite pair or something more substantial, wearing the right bra is absolutely vital for breast health, and will make you so much more comfortable when you run.

Each Ultimate Run Bra has a unique support system to counteract the breasts’ figure of eight motion whilst running, a soft, seamless inner to protect against chafing and wide, non-slip straps for comfort. To top it all off, it opens fully at the back to avoid the sweaty, awkward post-run bra-dance!

We love running, we love women and we love boobs, which is why we love Shock Absorber.