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Run Miles. Drink Gin. #WORLDGINDAY

Run Miles. Drink Gin. #WORLDGINDAY

This Saturday is World Gin Day! We’re quite the fans of a bit G&T here at This Mum Runs….our ‘Run Miles Drink Gin’ slogan has been on our best seller list for 5 years and this is no accident.

When we first created the This Mum Runs brand back in 2016 we invested time chatting to our community about what TMR meant to them, what they wanted from running and what things we could do to help them not only get started but stick at running regularly.

What we heard loud and clear was that women did not want another stick to beat themselves with, something else they couldn’t get done, or that added pressure to their already creaking-at-the-seams lives.

Many women told us that as soon as running, or exercise, became about extrinsic goals - getting faster, losing weight, running further, fitting into a smaller dress size - it felt harder, less enjoyable and they struggled to make it a consistent habit.

So we set out to take the pressure off.

To re-brand running if you like (just a small task…) - as something we do because of how it makes us feel, not because of what it says on our watch or on the scales.

Part of this has been about the programmes we create - the Run30 programme which is all about minutes moving rather than pace or distance has helped thousands of women finally crack running after many failed attempts.

And the slogans on our tees and sweatshirts are a huge part of that too. A celebration of balance. Of real life. Of enjoying that bit of cake or glass of gin, but alongside moving more regularly too.

We reckon this is an ethos that has the power to change the world. And we’ll be celebrating with a run and a few glasses of G&T when it does.

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